Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Hailing from Bordeaux, France you'd be forgiven for assuming that Adam Kesher would just be more Gallic electronica, but you'd be wrong. They mix aggressive rock rhythms with dance beats and buzzing synths to electric effect. It's the kind of thing you can imagine getting pretty chaotic, if not blindingly fun, in a live setting.

MP3: Adam Kesher - P-Katherine

Mixing lyrics and themes about nature with progressive influenced rock doesn't sound too good on paper, but in actuality, five-piece Kaddisfly pull it out effortlessly. Despite a seven year history the band have happily strayed the edges of popularity, allowing them room to evolve and change at their own whim. Talent can only go unnoticed for so long though.

MP3: Kaddisfly - Empire

No prizes for guessing which part of America these two young lads are from, or even for how the band sound: plaintive acoustic guitar against a haunting backdrop of piano and downbeat harmonies. Kid Dakota have a melancholy about them that suits their deep vein of Americana as well as their modest songwriting.

MP3: Kid Dakota - 10,000 Lakes