Thursday, April 30, 2009

New St. Vincent - "Actor Out Of Work"

St. Vincent's debut album, "Marry Me" was one of my album highlights of 2007/08, if only because the title was a reference to one of my favourite TV comedies, Arrested Development.

Obscure references notwithstanding, "Marry Me" was a beautiful and outstanding album; I've found that the more albums I listen to, the more seemingly fleeting moments in a song make or break it in my mind. St. Vincent's use of an old microphone to give that radio sound is something I hope I never get tired of.

Her new album, "Actor", is due out in May, and the first single, Actor out of Work seems to indicate a decided turn towards a bigger, rockier sound. I'm a fan - it's a short, sharp and sweet tune. And I don't mind the fact that the accompanying video clip disturbs me.

MP3: St. Vincent - Marry Me

Hiatus Over

Sorry for the downtime folks, real life got in the way.

I hope that if I set myself a bi-weekly obligation to post on this site, and publish it for all to read, I'll be forced to stick to it out of fear of disappointing anyone who reads this place.

Regular music stuff to follow.