Thursday, August 31, 2006

New Artist: Sunny Day Sets Fire

With an eclectic mix of backgrounds in their band (two guys from Italy, a girl from Hong Kong, and a guy from London), I was expecting something truly special from this, Sunny Day Sets Fire's second ever single, released earlier this June - and I wasn't disappointed. While there aren't any distinct Italian or Asian sounds really showing themselves in the track, withIn Wilderness, Sunny Day Sets Fire have managed to create a track of blissful, sunny (how appropriate) indie pop. And while I think most of this uplifting feeling is a direct result of the catchy-as-hell xylophone hook that permeates the track, the rest of the song ain't half-bad either.

A proper EP release should be coming out later in the year.

I'll try and upload the track for you all to enjoy but for now, you can listen to the track, and download a few of their earlier stuff at their myspace page.

Just found that there's an equally strange video-clip released for the track. Here you go:

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Tim said...

do you know what the EP will be titled?