Saturday, September 29, 2007

2nd Falls Festival Line-Up Announcement

Falls Festival has just announced the second part of their line-up for this year's new years' festivities, which consists of international acts The Pipettes (UK); Bonde Do Role (bon-jay-der-hole-ay) (Brazil) and Cut Off Your Hands (NZ).

Adding to the local talent are Angus and Julia Stone; Clare Bowditch and the Feeding Set; Old Man River; Lior; Jeff Lang; The Beautiful Girls; Little Red; Operator Please; Regurgitator; The Herd; The Scientists of Modern Music.

Seems that the first announcement had all the big names (The Go! Team; Girl Talk; BRMC; Kings of Leon; Groove Armada), but still there's more to be announced - who knows what's up Falls' sleeves...

As for me, I'll be waiting for the first Big Day Out line-up, announced this-coming Tuesday.

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