Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Goldfrapp announce new single details

Goldfrapp, who recently announced their new album Seventh Tree, which will be released early next year, have just announced the first single will be a track entitled 'A & E'. I have no idea what that stands for, but no doubt all will be revealed when the single is released digitally on the February 3rd.

From what little the band has said about the forthcoming release, there seems to be hintings toward the band returning to the lush sounds of Felt Mountain, away from the electro-glam of Black Cherry and Supernature, especially when you look at the artwork for the 'A & E' single..

Also, couldn't help noticing a clown theme emerging between Alison Goldfrapp and the woman I always confuse her with, Róisín Murphy...

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Sarah said...

hey, i know this was years ago, but, just wanted to let you know that A & E stands for Accident and Emergency, like at the hospital? You probably already know that by now lol! Oh, I was searching for the image, thats why found this, I'm not weirdly searching through your back catalogues to fill in any knowledge gaps! xx