Tuesday, September 02, 2008


When it comes to singer-songwriters, it's very hard to stand out out from the endless swathe, unless you have something unique. In the case of Jacob Golden, it's inventive production, intimate performances and a dedicated fan base; and let's not forget his fine lyrical sensibility, given ample demonstration on his second album Revenge Songs.

MP3: Jacob Golden - Out Come The Wolves

Great Lakes Myth Society get their band name, and much of their subject material, from their native state of Michigan. Sufjan Stevens would be proud, though the band's sound recalls a far sunnier Interpol (dress sense included as you can see) or The Arcade Fire. With only two albums to their name, the Great Lakes are quickly garnering attention outside of the Great Lakes state.

MP3: Great Lakes Myth Society - Heydays

Georgie James is actually made up of John Davis (former drummer of Q And Not U) and Laura Burhenn) hailing from Washington D.C. The two claim to share a love of 50s pop music, though i'm not sure that's clear from their modern, choppy (and slightly dancey) sound. Their debut album is released through Saddle Creek Records (former label to Bright Eyes and Rilo Kiley). There you have it, a whole boy/girl duo assessment without mention of The Tings Tings... whoops.

MP3: Georgie James - Need Your Needs

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