Thursday, October 30, 2008


Iglu & Hartly's press statement proclaims "Never follow, always lead the pack with new unbelieveable hot shit." Not a bad philosophy really, and if this cut is anything to go by, that means eclectic genre-hopping with an anthemic hook to keep it all together. 'In This City' smells distinctly of summer... and also MGMT, which is no bad thing.

MP3: Iglu & Hartly - In This City

It's probably a good indication of just how long it takes to get through an A-Z list when a band splits in the time it takes to get to their name. Synth-pop duo I Was A Cub Scout, of English heritage, mined a lovely melodic vein with a kind of rag-tag sound, their genetic make-up indebted to indie songwriters and electronic leaning blips and bloops. Alas they split back in June, leaving behind a debut album - "I Want You To Know There's Always Hope" - full of potential.

MP3: I Was A Cub Scout - Pink Squares

Fronted by boy/girl combo Simon and Julia Indelicate (is it just me or is the matching surname a little passé now?), the two had previously met at performance poetry meetings before hitting off as a band. If their artwork is anything to go by, they've got a great sense of humour despite their high-brow contentions to 'raise the bar' of the British music scene.

MP3: The Indelicates - Julia, we don't live in the 60s

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