Thursday, January 15, 2009


The Oaks' bio is an interesting one; back in 2003 lead singer/guitarist Ryan Costello worked and lived for a humanitarian organisation in Afghanistan. The result is some impressionistic rock and roll that has a very subtle Middle Eastern influence. As the airy folk gives way to a two minute instrumental breakdown, it almost captures some of the anguish and joy of his experiences - even if you don't know the backstory

MP3: The Oaks - Masood

Okay so it looks and sounds Emo but bare with us. Supposedly rising from the debris of Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans-based Oh, Juliet! are still very much an underground concern, and their sound is remarkably structured and polished considering their apparent inexperience.

MP3: Oh, Juliet! - Hunting The Canyon

Oliver Future will sound comfortably familiar to fans of acts like Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! and Clem Snide. Well it might have something do with the fact that they're all produced by Adam Lasus, but the Brookly five piece are quickly garnering acclaim for their own brand of left-field indie.

MP3: Oliver Future - Signing Off

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