Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Well "M" was littered with great singer-songwriters, but the props really have to go to My Brightest Diamond, the alias for Shara Worden. Previously she honed her craft as a member of Sufjan Stevens' band, and if this ethereal cut is anything to go by, he's had a positive influence. Hers is a music of dreamy haze and layered harmonies given an edge by her lyrics and potent voice.

MP3: My Brightest Diamond - Disappear (String Quartet Version)

The band's moniker is a deceptive one, you'd hardly call this pop 'mini', dreamy perhaps, but it doesn't sound small. Minipop create wide-eyed vistas on which Tricia Kanne's airy vocals can waft and shine against, they sound a little Aussie to these ears - Ladyhawke comes to mind - which is no bad thing in our book.

MP3: Minipop - Like I Do

Noting that The Most Serene Republic are signed to Canadian indie label Arts & Crafts, home to Stars & Broken Social Scene, is a good place to start. They contain the same textured sound and rock orchestra elements of their label-mates: boy-girl vocals, wordy lyrics and an intriguing sound that rewards on repeat listens.

MP3: The Most Serene Republic - Present Of Future End

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